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 All items may be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase (see Christmas Holiday Exception) if item is not worn, washed or damaged in any way.*

                      *Boot camp apparel and "My Hero" design garments are custom made and may NOT be returned or exchanged. - Any exchanges in size or color of the EXACT item on these designs are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

Send your item(s) back along with a copy of your packing list and a note as to what you are returning/exchanging and what you would like in return i.e. please exchange this XL for a Lg; or I would like to return the circled item for a refund.

The proper paperwork is essential when returning/exchanging. We realize it is not always possible to have the packing list. If you DO NOT have the packing list, you MUST include your name, address, phone, email and detail as to what you would like to do, exchange or return. Without this proper paperwork your package will not be processed, it will be held for 10 days after our receipt, giving you ample time to follow up on your return.

All credits/refunds will be issued as soon as possible; all exchanges will be handled as soon as possible provided the the items are in stock. Customer will be notified of out of stock items.    -Shipping charges apply to all returns & exchanges.

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(Scroll down for FAQ's about training and boot camp)
1) What material are the garments??

All garments are 50/50 cotton/poly blend.

2) How do the sizes run?
Click the link to view Marine Pride's Size Chart - (This will open a new browser window) -Size Chart
HAT SIZING (For Fitted and Boonie Caps)
Small is equal to a head size of 21 1/2" to 21 7/8"  or Hat size of 6 7/8" to 7"
Medium is equal to a head size of 22 1/4" to 22 5/8" or Hat size of 7 1/8" to 7 1/4"
Large is equal to a head size of 23" to 23 1/2" or Hat size of 7 3/8" to 7 1/2"

 3) How do I know what color my Recruit’s Battalion is?
1st Battalion = Red
2nd Battalion = Yellow
3rd Battalion = Navy Blue
4th Battalion = Maroon (women’s battalion)

4)  When should I order?

For Boot Camp Graduation Orders - You should order no more than 4-5 weeks before graduation.  However, we feel it is almost never too late to order, unless you are leaving tomorrow.  So, go ahead and place your order, and if there is a problem, or we feel we cannot get it to you on time, we will call you to discuss your options.  You may also call us anytime at 888-950-8520 with any questions you may have.

5) How long does my order take to ship?

Orders generally ship within 4-5 days of ordering, or sooner if you ordered close to graduation. We make every effort to get you your items to you before you leave for graduation, so don’t be afraid to email us if you have any doubts about getting your order on time.  Don't think you have time?  Email me at, or call us with any questions.  888-950-8520 it is often not too late.

6) What shipping method do you use?

Orders are shipped Either United Parcel Service (UPS) or U.S. Postal Service Prioity Mail   You will be able to calculate shipping charges for Ground, 2nd Day Air and Overnight and Prioirty Mail.  See above for more details on our Shipping Procedures.  All APO/FO Addresses will be shipped via USPS. Priority Mail.
7)  Do you ship AP/FPO?

Yes, we ship AP/FPO, just make sure you have the address correct.  No additional postage is necessary.

8) For Boot Camp Graduation, What day do we wear our shirts?

You can wear your shirts either on Family Day or Graduation. Although most people wear them on Family Day. We wore ours both days.

9) Can these shirts be purchased on base?

No, these shirts are not available on base.

10) Are these garments returnable?


11) How do you wash the garments?

For maximum colorfastness, all heat-transferred garments must be washed with detergents that do not contain bleach. This also means detergents with so-called "colorfast" bleach. DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER.

Garments must be immediately removed from a washing machine and tumble dried on low heat or the colors will bleed. This is important. Washing instructions are included with each garment ordered.

12)  Travel Information:

Now you can book all your travel to Parris Island and San Diego RIGHT HERE. offers great prices on airfare, hotels, and vehicle rentals for your trip to Parris Island and San Diego Boot Camp Graduation. 

Best of all there are NO BOOKING FEES!. All prices show the bottom line ( with taxes and air line fees).  Give us a try today.  WWW.FLYMEAWAYTRAVEL.COM

Air Travel

Airports near Parris Island, SC - Savannah, GA (SAV). Savannah International Airport is Approx. 47 miles (about 1 hr) from Parris Island; Hilton Head, SC (HHH). Hilton Head Airport is Appox. 46 miles (about 1hr) from Parris Island.  Charleston, SC Charleston International Airport (CHS) is located Approx. 78 miles (just under 2 hrs) from Parris Island.

Airports near San Diego, CA (SAN) - The Marine Corps Recruit Depot is located approximately 4 miles from the San Diego Airport.


The Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot is located in southern South Carolina, just below the beautiful cities of Beaufort and Port Royal. So when searching for your hotels, use Beaufort and Port Royal as your city to search for.

There is one hotel on Parris Island, but is extremely hard to get into as Military personnel get first choice of the limited number of rooms.  The name of hotel is  Osprey Inn 1-843-228-2744.  There is also a hotel on the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS Beaufort) which is about 20-30 min away from Parris Island this Hotel is DeTreville House 1-843-522-1633

13) If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at  or call toll free at 888-950-8520 between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m Eastern Standard Time.

Before we begin, there are a couple things you should know about USMC Boot Camp Training:

1)  NEVER call your son/daughter a Marine until Family Day & Graduation. Until then he/she is a RECRUIT and will refer to him/herself as Recruit.

2) There is a list of Do's and Don't in my "Parent's Guide to Surviving Boot Camp" please download it and print it out and give to everyone who will wirte to your Recruit.

1) Where can I go to find out what my son/daughter is doing every day.

The Marine Corps publishes a training matrix which shows you each day what your Recruit will be doing.  To Download a copy of the training matrix go to

2) What can I expect in the next 90 days.

You can expect to be feeling a wide range of emotions.  What you need to do is stay busy and write to your Recruit as much as you can.  For more information on what to expect, download my "Parent's Guide to Surviving Boot Camp" located on the dog tag tabs on the left side of your screen. 

3) Where can I find answers to all my questions about Boot Camp training, Family Day and Graduation.

In order to help as many parents/family members as I can find all the information they need in one location, I have found these two sites to be the best in answering all your questions about both Parris Island and San Diego Boot Camp:  You will find information about training, where to stay, when to book your travel, Family Day, Graduation, etc.   Parris Island Boot Camp Information  San Diego Boot Camp Information

4)  Should I attend Family Day and Graduation?

If at all possible, you should attend Family Day and Graduation.  Family Day is Thursday and Graduation is on Friday.  Family Day is the day you get to see your New Marine for the first time, you get to hug and kiss your new Marine,you get to stand in awe of the person before you.  It is truly the best day.  Graduation day is Friday morning and then you get to take your Marine home.  For an up to date schedule of Family Day and Graduation events, please visit the following web sites.  Please check these sites prior to leaving, as the schedule of events does change sometimes.  p.s. There is no limit to the number of people that you can bring to family day and graduation, we had 14 in one van and 2 other vans full.  So, the more the merrier.
For Parris Island go to:
For San Diego go to:

5) I'm not getting letters from my Recruit -is something wrong?

Not getting letters from your Recruit does not always mean something is wrong.  Please keep in mind the Recruits are very busy with their training, and although they thrive on the letters they receive, they don't always have time to write back.  So if you really want letters back, start writing fill in the blank letters asking the questions you want answers to.  Make sure you send along a self addressed stamped envelope for the return of your letter.  For samples of fill in the blank letters please email me with your request to  Additionally, if something were wrong with your Recruit, you would get a phone call or letter from him.  So, keep the attitude of no news is good news, and you keep writing but don't ask your Recruit why he has not written, you already know the answer to that question.

6) When should you book your travel arrangements?

Generally, the rule is to book your travel after your recruit passes rifle week.  Which about the 7th week of training. This gives you a 4 week window and you should be able to get reasonable prices on your travel.  Please visit for all your travel needs.  Air/Hotel/Car packages save you the most money.  Driving, and only need a hotel? offers great deals on Parris Island and San Diego Hotels.  Visit us today.

7)  If you have any other questions, please feel free to e-mail me at, or call toll free at 888-950-850 between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.